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Mapping Magic is a nonlinear mystical process that unlocks your inner guidance and triggers energy movement and transformation.

Use maps to access your intuition, to gain insights for a career change, to clarify a relationship, to support your spiritual path and healing.

During life transitions, you can use maps to make sense of dark, confusing, heavy energies, and to transform challenges into meaningful stepping stones on your path.

Mapping Magic is a valuable medium for empaths, healers, travelers, poets, and mystics. 


ABOUT anya

For over a decade, Maps have been my constant companions. I apply them to all areas of my life: for healing, learning, embodying my magic, and rising in my power.

The more situations and challenges I encounter, whether in the relationships, or making decisions, or processing grief, or searching for my life purpose, the more magic I witness.

Two things I love more than anything: nature and mapping. So, you will find me often in a forest, or by the ocean, or on top of a mountain with my markers and a notebook ― there I am, always full, calm, ancient.

When I am not mapping, I am practicing Aikido (Japanese martial art), playing Garmoshka (adorable Russian accordion), embroidering, gardening, scheming new adventures, dancing with the paradoxes of life.

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Mapping community


“Because of Mapping Magic, I was inspired to look beyond the boundaries of linear thinking.”

— Maria Hurtado


“The session brought up memories which I have long forgotten to give me insights into my situation at the present moment.”

— Erin EgretMandala Magic


“While using Mapping Magic with Anya I was able to 'dance with my dark' and unveil the messages that all of my pain had been trying to tell me. I now have a powerful tool to help me navigate.”

— Anna BurdetteDragonfly Rose