Do you ever feel like there is something special inside of you, but you just don’t know how to get it out? When you’re afraid to share this really sacred thing, a mapping process can reveal nuances and clarify your action plan.

What message do you have? That book aching to be written, that song quietly nagging, those sacred words someone needs to hear — your truth, your heart, your story — something that keeps you awake at night, eager to emerge into the visible world.


Nothing worse than being paralyzed, wanting to share the depth of feelings and not being able to. When we are unable to share our gifts with the world everything else seems to be on hold.

One of the sacred messages I have been wanting to share for the last two years is Mapping Magic. After more than a decade of creating and using maps in my personal life and sharing them with friends, I decided to make them available to more people.

The website was up and running. I taught workshops and worked with people in mapping sessions. But the maps were challenging me with deeper responsibilities. And I wasn’t ready. Not ready to be vulnerable. Not ready to be visible. So I paused.

Two years later, the message keeps burning. I lose sleep over it. Ideas burst. I want to allow whatever is trying to come through to be. I just need to get out of the way. But something is holding me back.

Mapping allows you to bring the influencing factors to your awareness. The following map has started a shift for me. Follow my process to get ideas for your own map, or get direct insights into your situation.


Afraid to share your message

This is the starting point, the topic of the map.

Next, the branches. Answer the following questions.

What are the reasons for this fear? What is your message? How would sharing look like?

My answers flowed like this...

Branch: Work with Ancestors

Our ancestors are our roots. Their lives, energies, and struggles are a part of our life. How do your ancestors influence your relationship with your truth?

For example, the ancestors on my father’s side had to silence their voices to avoid persecution for who they were.

If you know your family’s history, search for insights about your current state from the struggles and wisdom of your ancestors.

Branch: Illusions and limiting beliefs

These are the stories we tell ourselves. If you believe it is not possible because no one in your family has done it before--dare to question this belief.

One of my limiting beliefs was that there would be no one who would need what I had to share. I decided to explore this branch further by asking: Who might need this message? List them on the smaller branches. For example, those who struggle with the same fears.

Drawing that branch might give you a short pause, enough to realize how much your message is urgently needed. In the days that follow, pay attention to a web of coincidences. They will remind you about people and struggles that could benefit from your gift.

Branch: Initiation

Do you feel like you need to be initiated into your work? Do you want to take responsibility for your calling? Listen to what your calling has to say.

You might remember events from your childhood. In my own life, as a child, I had a disease that was physically and emotionally devastating. There was no appropriate support to guide me through it as a part of my initiation.

But now, as I look back - I realize how my childhood struggles served me as powerful learning opportunities.

Your life with all its heartaches, traumas, and pains is a powerful initiator. Try to see and feel a connection between those events and what you are experiencing now.

This branch has led me to two valuable realizations and, as a result, to some important actions to take.

To honor my own struggles, traumas, and lessons. Honoring them with a ritual and re-framing them to build empowering stories.

To ask an important question: Where is my heart in all this? What do I want to share and how do I want to share it?

Which lead me to my WHY...

Branch: Clarify Your Why

Finding the meaning to get out of bed, to live every day from your core. Finding the meaning in doing something.

My message is Mapping Magic, and it is complex. I needed time to relax around the edges and give it space and time to reveal itself.

And so Mapping Magic continues, with more clarity about myself, what I want to share, why I want to share it, and how I want to share it.

The fear itself was the messenger to highlight the lack of clarity.

Branch: Fear

For most of us, Fear is not a stranger but a companion.

I had to recall and refresh my communication with fear, and to listen to its message. Surprisingly (every time!), the message is empowering - I have allies. Powerful allies, including my ancestors.

With this branch, the importance of reconnecting with my ancestors becomes even more clear. So I make an altar for them, to honor them.

Branch: Time

What’s interesting, if you look at the three big branches in the middle, they say - WHY FEAR TIME. In a way, this rings so true for me.

Afraid that time is out of my control, that I don’t have time to do something well, that the longer I wait, the less likely I am to do it. All these ideas and beliefs (connect to the Beliefs Branch) claim a stake in my perception.

Time is a trickster. With sharing your message, time plays an important role. On the one side, you need an incubation period, for your ideas to develop, your truth to be ready; on the other, you risk to wait too long and hold back when you should be jumping in. You might become too comfortable and not want to change the daily routine.

Time is a powerful teacher about Knowing and Discernment. Are you growing and learning OR are you in your comfort zone?

Next, Branch: Playful

Not taking yourself too seriously, and learning to have fun. What are some creative ways you can experiment with? If you were not concerned about anyone's opinion, what might you try? (Facebook Live, anyone?)

After a little bit of time (allow yourself to grow into it - practice non-linear timeless attitude and trust the process) the shift will be big enough to trigger a cascade of actions.

One possible cascade, as in my situation:

Intensifying the work with my ancestors, revisiting my contract with fear, becoming curious about my relationship with Time, re-integrating my childhood story, challenging my illusions, refining the big why, admitting to my truth, bringing fresh energy of playfulness and curiosity.

And in the physical world — Facebook Live, the support of friends, YouTube videos, writing, and, of course, this very website are all powerful changes since I’ve worked with this map.

I like to make an altar around a map that gives me profound insights. The altar and a short ritual will solidify the insights in your mind and will carry them into more concrete actions.

Even after some actions and shifts start to happen, the fear might remain. It is completely natural. The fear will shift in intensity, frequency, and duration, continue paralyzing or just softly holding back, as if requesting a short pause. If that’s the case for you, keep asking why. Keep curiosity alive. It will continue unfolding.

What message are YOU afraid to share? What do you keep hidden, behind the walls of fear and illusions? Are you walking your path with freedom and power? What is needed for your situation?

What boulders could you shift if you mapped your situation? Try it! Let me know what happens!

Anya Savranskaya