Blurbs On Being A Mystic: Updated As They Come


A Mystic is the one who delightfully exists in the metaphysical dimensions of the world.


On differences between a witch and a mystic

Witch influences the energies and environment to achieve desired results. Mystic sits at the roots of all creation, listening to the heartbeat of the metaphysical background of the world, allowing the dreams, the visions, the manifestations come through their body and their life. 

mystic in hiding.jpg

What are the options for a mystic living in a reductionist materialistic disconnected society?

~ hide
~ go insane
~ develop additional personality and blend in
~ bottle that shit up and let it eat you from inside


~ rise ~ roar ~ revere your calling

These options are always available and each mystic utilizes them as needed.

Anya Savranskayamystic