Creative process to follow your own intuition.

Before the session with Anya, I have never heard of mapping, but I was excited to try this creative technique. I also knew that Mapping Magic can be used to face your shadow. I felt scared of what I might find, thinking it might be too much to handle. But I was completely comfortable with the process. The session brought up memories which I have long forgotten to give me insights into my situation at the present moment. Anya’s insights and homework were helpful to make me feel ready to take Mapping Magic into my own life and follow my own intuition as well.

— Erin Egret


My anxiety is decreasing, and my self-love is growing.

I have been struggling for many years with extreme anxiety, depression, OCD habits, and self-hatred. Using Mapping Magic with Anya I have been able to 'dance with my dark' and unveil the messages that all of my pain had been trying to tell me. I now have a powerful tool to help me navigate. It really is a map. A map for my soul, a map that makes my journey easier to decipher. I have been blessed with this tool that will stay with me for the rest of my life. Thank you, Anya, you have saved me. Endless amounts of love and gratitude.

— Anna Burdette


I realized how powerful Mapping Magic was during our first session.

Anya's guidance and insights were calming and engaging. I learned the technical part as well as the underlying energetic process. I felt eager to continue using this technique for my life's path explorations. Because of Mapping Magic, I was inspired to look beyond the boundaries of linear thinking.

— Maria Hurtado